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105 days Taoism Diet Challenge to Improve the Immunity and Set a world Record

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105 days Taoism Diet Challenge to Improve the Immunity and Set a world Record

April 22
19:04 2021

Mr. Li Zhicheng, founder of 4 products of Laozi health preservation and Laozi culture, had chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension in the past, and was cured through Laozi health preservation. At the time when coronavirus ravages the world, he saw a panic scene in Europe and America that in many stores people were queuing for several kilometers to purchase food. He decided to show the charm of Laozi health preservation to those who are in pandemic. On the Great Cold day of January 20, 2021, he started the 105 day world record challenge activity of Laozi’s Inedia(Pigu) and Calmness(Zhuohuo). The Inedia refers to a life pattern without taking a bite of food, vegetables and fruits in 105 days, only to drink a little boiled water or tea water instead of sugar water or salt water. The Calmness refers to wearing summer clothes in the icy weather, showing the resistance to coldness and strong immunity. The Great Cold day on January 20, 2021 is not only the coldest day in the 24 solar terms of the year, but also the folk Laba Festival.

As a saying goes, “a frozen jaw in Laba Festival”, which shows the double coldness on that day. While Mr. Li Zhicheng was wearing summer clothes to practice martial arts and making a live broadcast of Laozi culture in the freezing fields, which shows the magic charm of Laozi’s health preservation and effect in fighting against new coronavirus.

Li Zhicheng, the founder of Laozi Life Nurturing.

Why does Laozi’s Inedia(Pigu) and Calmness(Zhuohuo) take effect in fighting against the new coronavirus? It turns out that starting the body function of fasting can effectively improve healthy Qi of Yang, while Laozi’s practice of Calmness(Zhuohuogong) can significantly improve it. In the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor, it writes: “The healthy Qi exists in the body in prevention of evil invasion.” It means that the healthy Qi in body is strong enough to drive the evil Qi away. Why can bats infect humans with coronavirus and keep their own safe? It turns out that the body temperature of bats is between 39 to 40 degrees. It is known that the immunity of human body will increase by 30% when the body temperature increases by one degree. Therefore, the effective means to fight against the coronavirus is to quickly improve the healthy Qi of human body, so as to improve the immune ability. In this sense, Laozi’s Inedia(Pigu) and Calmness(Zhuohuo) are powerful weapons to fight against the coronavirus. What’s more, starting the body function of fasting can free people from the panic of buying food in the supermarket by not eating a mouthful of grain, vegetables and fruits, which also shows Laozi’s ability and strength to fight against the coronavirus from another aspect.

Let’s Create 105 days Taoism Diet Challenge to Improve our Immunity and Set a world Record

Mr. Li Zhicheng excavated and developed four products of Laozi culture from Tao Te Ching. In addition to Laozi’s Inedia(Pigu) and Calmness(Zhuohuo), which can effectively fight against the coronavirus, “Laozi’s peace product” is also the “atomic bomb” to fight against the virus. It took coronavirus less than six weeks to spread around the world while human beings are 10000 times smarter than the virus. However, it will take mankind, the essence of the universe and the masterpiece of God, ten times of six-week or even one hundred times of six-week to hardly organize the global system against virus. What is the global weapon to fight the virus? The global unity and cooperation will do.

It is written on the stone inscription on the doorway of UNESCO that war is caused by the conflict of thought. Therefore, the solution to war doesn’t rely on weapons, instead, on the culture of solving ideological conflict. Laozi’s Tao Te Ching not only explains the cause of coronavirus, but also reveals the shortcut and measures to control it. If you read the nineteen chapters and eleven articles of the Charter of the United Nations, it seems that you are listening to Laozi’s earnest teachings two thousand five hundred years ago. Each chapter seems to be written by Laozi 2500 years ago for the people under World War II in 1945. As the American scholar pukeming said: “When human estrangement is eliminated, Tao Te Ching will be handed down from family to family”. Laozi’s wisdom and love will unite people around the world closely, which shows that the power of solidarity is the most powerful weapon against the coronavirus.

It has been more than 75 days for Mr. Li Zhicheng to start the challenge since the Great Cold day on January 20, 2021. Until the end of the challenge on May 4, 2021, it will last for 105 days, from the most severe cold to spring and early summer. This process is not only a dark period when coronavirus is rampant all over the world, but also a period for human beings to overcome the virus and move towards unity and brilliant awakening. It is also a period for Laozi’s health preservation and Laozi’s culture to benefit the world. The era symbol of Mr. Li Zhicheng’s activity of “Laozi’s Inedia(Pigu) and Calmness(Zhuohuo) 105 day world record challenge” will never fade…

Promote Lao Tzu’s Culture to help the global fight against COVID-19. Fight against the COVID-19 through Chinese solutions. Let’s Create 105 days Taoism Diet Challenge to set a World Record.

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