Wait for Rain in Delhi Gets Longer; Overcast Skies Likely for Coming Days

July 24 12:34 2014

summer delhiNew Delhi, Thursday, July 24 – Wait for rain seems to be getting longer in the national capital. Despite overcast skies from past two days, Delhi did not witness any rain. Humidity is creating a mess for the masses. People are unable to find an optimal solution to get rid of sticky summers. Even though there has been a considerable drop in the heat wave and mercury, still it is moisture that is making the mob to continuously carry handkerchiefs and tissues to wipe away sweat.

Delhi residents woke up to a cloudy day on Thursday. In the early hours today, it was apparent as if rain could occur anytime but it didn’t happen up till afternoon. As the time passed, the percentage of humidity increased that made people to stay indoors and cool off themselves in air-conditioned rooms.

If latest reports over weather in Delhi are to be kept in mind then there are solid signs of precipitation during the entire week. Chances of good rain are on the cards from Sunday onwards. It might rain even today but only 40 percent of rainfall is likely to be observed in the metropolitan city. 53 percent of humidity is all set to give clear indication to the Delhiites that there is no escape at least in the coming weeks. Wind will blow at the speed of 14 km per hour, giving mild relief to the residents who have to come out of their premises for various purposes. 20 and 40 percent of downpour is predicted for Friday and Saturday, respectively.

School kids, office goers, small vendors etc. are left with no option other than to bear the brunt of sultry summer, which has been aggravated by humid weather conditions. Less rainfall is attacking the inhabitants in other ways as well for the reason that due to shortage of vegetables in the retail and wholesale markets, prices of tomato, potato, onions, along with other veggies, are skyrocketed. If scenario remains the same then picture is not going to be different in the early August when new stocks are supposed to arrive.