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“Sweet Economy” Empowers the Construction of the Core Functional Area of Sanya International Tourism Consumption Center

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“Sweet Economy” Empowers the Construction of the Core Functional Area of Sanya International Tourism Consumption Center

December 12
17:04 2023

On the evening of December 3, the 27th China ·Sanya Tianya Haijiao International Wedding Festival (hereinafter referred to as “Tianya Haijiao International Wedding Festival”) came to an end. The romantic atmosphere and warm scenes have attracted the newlyweds and tourists from all over the world to gather together and participate in the grand event.


Carry out cultural activities to consolidate the cornerstone of Sanya’s wedding industry.

At this wedding festival, Sanya’s wedding tourism products were integrated in an innovative way, driving Sanya’s wedding industry to form a “closed-loop” supply chain, incubating professional wedding institutions with an industrial scale of over RMB 100 million, and leading Sanya’s wedding industry to be stable and prosperous with a good demonstration.

This event attracted more than 50 wedding agencies and wedding travel industry organizations from outside Hainan Province.  Sanya Tourism and Culture Investment Group and five enterprises such as DR Group have signed cooperation contracts respectively to share resources and optimize allocation through cross-regional cooperation, and further promote the upgrading and development of the wedding industry.

This wedding festival has consolidated the cornerstone of Sanya’s wedding industry and enriched the connotation of Sanya’s wedding industry in innovation and integration.

Accumulate the development experience for more than 20 years to boost the flourish of Sanya’s wedding celebration IP

The first Tianya Haijiao International Wedding Festival was held in 1996. Sanya was also in the forefront in building a “sweet economy” brand at that time. 10 years ago, Hainan Province took the lead in promoting wedding+tourism and building a “wedding island” and “honeymoon island” wedding tourism destination in China. Thus, Sanya became the preferred wedding tourism destination in China and created a vibrant wedding tourism IP.

2023 is a crucial year for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. Sanya will also seize the opportunity of free trade port construction, dig deep into the brand IP value of Sanya’s special festival activities in wedding tourism, and build a world-class wedding tourism destination.

“Destination wedding” is favored by young people in China.

The young group represented by “Generation Z” has become the main force in China’s consumer market. The population of this group is about 270 million, accounting for 19% of the total population of China, supporting a consumer market of RMB 4 trillion.

They always advocate a sense of ceremony and individuality. At the wedding ceremony, “destination wedding” has been favored by them. This new kind of wedding ceremony breaks the traditional shackles, and the newlyweds can choose their favorite tourism destinations to witness their romance in a dream land composed of lawn, ocean, blue sky and white clouds.

Upgrade the brand of “sweet economy” to realize the double improvement of the wedding industry in scale and quality.


In December 2022, it was emphasized at the Central Economic Work Conference that in 2023, efforts would be made to expand domestic demand, and priority should be given to restoring and expanding consumption. According to the Several Measures for Sanya to Build an International Tourism Resort and Promote the Consumption of Cultural Tourism issued by Sanya People’s Government, it is stipulated that the “engine” of consumption should be driven to expand and develop the industry of happiness in Sanya, that is, to build a world-class wedding tourism city and realize the double improvement of the scale and quality of the wedding industry.

In the future, Sanya Tourism and Culture Investment Group will continue to improve the internationalization, specialization, standardization and quality of Sanya’s wedding industry under the guidance of Sanya’s Special Planning for Wedding Industry Development (2023-2025) and the demand of the global wedding consumer market and constantly upgrade the brand of “sweet economy”, build the wedding tourism industry into a new growth point of tourism economy, and empower the construction of the core functional area of Sanya International Tourism Consumption Center. 

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