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ZTE 5G Solution Facilitates the Deployment of 5G-Advanced in Thailand

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ZTE 5G Solution Facilitates the Deployment of 5G-Advanced in Thailand

November 16
20:36 2022

ZTE Corporation, an industry-leading provider of telecommunications technology solutions for global customers and enterprises, together with AIS (Advanced Info Service Plc.), has collaboratively fueled up 5G-Advanced, aiming to accelerate the digital transformation through the 5G innovation hub “A-Z Center” in Thailand. 

By virtue of the “A-Z Center”, Thailand speeds up the deployment of 5G technology by continuously digging the potential of its 5G network, which lays a solid foundation for the future “6G techniques”. As a long-term strategic partner of AIS, ZTE not only plays a key role in the construction of the 5G innovation hub, but also provides many advanced 5G mobile solutions and services, which greatly develops Thailand’s 5G application in various fields. 

As one of the first-batch countries introducing 5G in the Asia-Pacific areas, Thailand has positively advanced the construction of its 5G technology. With the great support of ZTE Corporation, AIS, Thailand’s largest operator, took the lead in deploying 5G network and providing the locals with 5G services in 2020. 

ZTE Corporation has already established a long-term partnership for many years with AIS, and it has been supporting AIS in deploying a 5G ubiquitous access network featuring low, medium, and high multi-band converged networking, which is leading in capacity, coverage, and user experience. The network is widely considered critical infrastructure for Thailand’s 5G digital development. 

ZTE Corporation and AIS, with their commitment to speeding up the advancement of the digital economy through the 5G innovation center, have been delving deep into the practical and technical requirements of different industries, investigating technological innovations, supporting the commercialization of novel solutions and products, and facilitating the implantation and extension of multiple industry applications.

5G has emerged as a major driver of industrial digital transformation. 5G-Advanced technology will continue to improve network capabilities based on 5G uRLLC, mMTC, and eMBB, and it will integrate intrinsic AI to empower a variety of industrial applications like entertainment, security, health, manufacturing, home life, and smart cities.

According to ZTE, 5G-Advanced evolution has a specific technical framework, which can be characterized as “1+2+3”. “1” refers to the underlying support, including algorithms, chips, and architecture; “2” means the double-chain genes involving security and intelligence; and “3” is also known as the “3E”, namely efficiency improvement, capability enhancement, and boundary expansion. 

To enhance the capability, 5G-Advanced needs to accomplish an increase in 10 folds in throughput with broader spectrum, more effective air interface, and better-coordinated networking. Additionally, it needs to broaden the coverage of the current network, increase the coverage of space, sky, and ground, as well as categorize the connected devices.

To improve efficiency, 5G-Advanced should be closely integrated with AI, while continuing to improve power supply and consumption, and exploring the great Bit-Watt curve. As for the equipment, ZTE has introduced the industry’s first “zero-carbon” active antenna unit (AAU), realizing nearly zero power consumption as there is no traffic. Besides, the zero-carbon site can be successfully built through the introduction of clean energy and full-scene additional photoelectric. At the network level, the real-time energy-saving methods are formulated utilizing the base station’s intrinsic intelligence, in order to maximize energy efficiency for the overall infrastructure.

In terms of boundary extension, 5G-Advanced has moved beyond the existing industrial digitization trend to include more innovative services and business models. For example, XR can provide users with immersive experiences, which allows them to get the connection with the metaverse; the internet of vehicles also makes the auto industry wiser; with the integration of perception and communication, 5G technology can superimpose a “radar” perception over communication functions. That brings up new options for vehicle-road synchronization and low-altitude security. 

To support 5G-Advanced’s further transformation and meet the needs of Thailand, ZTE Corporation has launched a series of RAN products, including the Sub-6GHz TDD Massive MIMO AAU that decreases power consumption by 25% in comparison to the previous generation; the new generation FDD multi-mode Massive MIMO AAU, enhancing user experiences by 100%; as well as the new generation mmWave AAU that supports 1.2GHz bandwidth, increasing the data throughput by 50%. All these RAN products will be tested in the A-Z center and widely utilized across the AIS network.

For the past 12 years, ZTE Corporation has had a long-standing relationship with AIS. And they have been cooperating and growing together since the construction of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System(UMTS) network in 2010, then continuing to work deploying the LTE network in 2015 and 5G network in 2020. Furthermore, the launch of the A-Z Center signals the beginning of a brand-new chapter in the close collaboration between the two parties. 

The 5G innovation A-Z Center launched in 2022 has largely accelerated the speed of developing 5G network, which empowers the digital transformation of Thailand. Also, the center can be regarded as the core of Thailand’s elite 5G network construction. According to ZTE, the digital development lays a solid foundation for Thailand’s innovation in technologies and products. And the innovation center will speed up 5G network development in Thailand, bringing more benefits to both individuals and industries.

In the years ahead, ZTE 5G and AIS will collaborate to establish an “efficient digital infrastructure” based on the A-Z Center, fully leveraging their technological accumulation in the ICT area, to continually improve innovations in products and technologies and make industrial partners benefit from the development of the 5G network. 

ZTE 5G is dedicated to building a win-win industrial ecosystem to facilitate Thailand’s digital transformation on an ongoing basis. Also, adhering to the concept of serving with dedication, ZTE will provide its clients and customers with the best service and solutions. 

5G-Advanced’s enhanced network can sustain industry prosperity and accelerate technological innovation. Standing at the forefront of the industry, ZTE has assisted its worldwide partner to develop 5G-Advanced, contributing to building a safe, intelligent, and sustainable 5G-Advanced standard industry. 


1. ZTE collaborates with AIS to fuel up 5G-Advanced through A-Z center in Thailand

  1. ZTE collaborates with AIS to fuel up 5G-Advanced through A-Z center in Thailand

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