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Ojas Eye Hospital Mumbai Introduces Intralase LASIK to Correct Vision Problems

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Ojas Eye Hospital Mumbai Introduces Intralase LASIK to Correct Vision Problems

October 06
10:25 2022
Ojas Eye Hospital Mumbai Introduces Intralase LASIK to Correct Vision Problems
Ojas Eye Hospital is a Center of Excellence for Cataract, Contoura Vision, Bladefree Lasik in Mumbai, India.
Ojas Eye Hospital is one of the best eye hospitals in Mumbai that uses blade-free Lasik. Dr. Niteen Dedhia and his team are ophthalmologists specializing in bladeless LASIK, cornea treatment, cataract surgery, and more.

The best eye hospital in Mumbai, Ojas Eye Hospital, introduces Intralase bladeless LASIK, utilizing a femtosecond laser for creating the corneal flap. LASIK treatment is a popular choice for people who want to correct their vision due to myopia. An eye specialist can use a modern laser technology to reshape the patient’s cornea and correct their vision back to normal. In addition, the surgery is often chosen as an alternative way to replace glasses and contact lenses. It is an effective treatment for myopia, even with astigmatism.

The Intralase Lasik method is less invasive than other forms of Lasik surgery because it does not require any cuts on the surface of the eye. Instead, a femtosecond laser creates small openings on the surface of the cornea through which the surgeon inserts a thin knife-like instrument called a microkeratome. The microkeratome then makes thousands of tiny cuts in the cornea so that it can be reshaped and folded without ever having to make any external cuts on the eye.

Ojas Eye Hospital is one of the best eye hospitals and it has eye cataract surgeons that work together to provide better treatment for various eye ailments in Mumbai. Ojas Eye Hospital is a recommended eye hospital that provides effective cataract treatment in Mumbai. The eye specialists, Dr. Niteen Dedhia and Ojas Eye Hospital staff have treated more than 150,000 patients for their eye problems. In addition, at Ojas Eye Hospital, they provide world-class facilities with world-class standards and services at affordable prices.

Ojas Eye Hospital is the best eye hospital in Mumbai that provides various eye treatments like cataract treatment and lasik surgery in Mumbai. Ojas Eye Hospital has experienced staff and modern equipment to treat eye diseases. It has state-of-the-art operating theaters and fully equipped clinics with the latest medical devices. Ojas Eye Hospital aims to bring affordable eye care to every individual, provide quality services, and provide comprehensive treatment for all eye problems without charging exorbitant fees.

“My eyesight has improved dramatically since I had the LASIK procedure with Dr. Niteen Dedhia. Not only can I read the fine print on the medicine bottles and see my computer screen clearly, but I can actually read street signs as I’m walking around in a new city. I used to be dependent on glasses to see well, but now even with my glasses off, I can still see perfectly.” Said a happy patient.

About Ojas Eye Hospital

Ojas Eye Hospital is a health facility in Mumbai that focuses on eye treatment and surgery. They have a team of ophthalmologists and medical doctors with more than 30 years of experience in treating patients with eye problems. It has modern facilities, including a 24/7 emergency facility, air-conditioned rooms, and top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment to ensure patients are evaluated and treated properly.

For more information about LASIK surgery and cataract treatment, please visit Ojas Eye Hospital’s official website at https://www.ojaseyehospital.com/.

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