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Famed Blockchain YouTuber Crypto Crow Kicks Off Public Sale Of Murder Of Crows NFT Collection

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Famed Blockchain YouTuber Crypto Crow Kicks Off Public Sale Of Murder Of Crows NFT Collection

August 10
01:30 2022
A Unique Collection of 10,000 NFT Gateway Keys to The Crows Social Community and Metaverse Powered on the Cardano Blockchain.


9th August, 2022 – UNITED STATES – Popular Blockchain Youtuber Crypto Crow has launched an NFT Collection with multiple use cases, kicking off the public sale of Murder of Crows; an artistic non-fungible token collection powered by Cardano and to be collected exclusively by lovers of unique artwork with multiple use-cases in the mystical Crows metaverse.

The Murder of Crows NFTs is a collection of 10,000 digital art based on the long-time name of the famous Youtuber’s Telegram community. These NFTs will serve as keys to Crows Metaverse and his Social Media platform (to be announced in late August). These NFT keys will enable holders access to private areas within Crows’ Metaverse ventures and be the first users of his social media platform and possibly even beta testers, empowering MOC holders to be the first to capture group names and other benefits before the rest of the world.


Each MOC art is unique and programmatically generated from 90 different possible traits, from eyewear, tails, feet, perches, etc., with NFT sale milestones unlocking project perks as detailed on the project roadmap.

Known since 2017 for his oft emotional banter and highly educational delivery of his journey through blockchain space, Crypto Crow has been in the blockchain space since 2017 and is considered to be an “OG” in the space, having started his Youtube channel back in November of 2017 and one of, if not the first Youtuber to put out content related to Cardano at its initial launch, the middle-aged, 7ft tattoo-covered giant famed for his straight-up calling it how he sees it attitude, Crow had amassed a loyal following of subscribers, many of which turned into Millionaires from the 2018 bear cycle where he educated people on accumulation when the world was ignoring the space inspiring many to accumulate projects like Cardano as low as .02 cents and ride the market up to the recent peak of $3.14.

The Murder Of Crows project is a response to continuous requests by Crows’ followers to launch his cryptocurrency. Still, without a direct reason other than a new meme token, he never bothered. In 2022, as part of his efforts to build in the bear market, Crypto Crow has established an Ambassador role with up-and-coming Metaverse, Cornucopias, where he publicly purchased Mythical and other lands for future project plans. Crypto Crow has also developed a new social media platform on the Cardano blockchain and other ventures. 

Crow makes no promise of wealth or reward to minters of the Murder Of Crows NFT collection. However, he promises to maintain the community and integrate new use cases as they become available while ultimately enlisting the community’s help to develop new ideas.

When you think of NFTs, you think of people getting wealthy by collecting little jpg images of pixel art, animal cartoons, or other digital art. Trading on rarity and hype, hoping the FOMO drives up value and demand to provide you with a return on your early investment. You may also think of rug pulls, fake followers on social media, and various shady tactics to try and sell out a collection. MOC is different. 

At the time of writing, the MOC public sale has kicked off, with official minting breaking through 20% sell through within 24 hours with sales continuing until NFTs are sold out and the no-tier price set at 35 ADA (Cardano). 

Lovers of unique NFT art and immersive metaverse experiences are invited to visit murderofcrows.io to mint your crow and join the Discord community to stay abreast of the latest the community offers. 

About ‘Murder Of Crows’ Collection

Murder Of Crows is a collection of 10,000 unique art programmatically generated from 90 different possible traits, from eyewear, tails, feet, and perches, launched by Blockchain YouTuber Crypto Crow. The MOC NFTs boast multiple use cases, including acting as gateway keys to the mythical, immersive Cornocopias metaverse.

About Crypto Crow

Crypto Crow is a globally famous Blockchain YouTuber famed for his early calls on the Cardano Blockchain project and helping mentor numerous millionaires in the crypto space, and building a strong crypto community across social media platforms

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