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BOC Sciences Notification: Website Upgrade for Best of (Bio)Chemicals

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BOC Sciences Notification: Website Upgrade for Best of (Bio)Chemicals

August 09
19:48 2022
BOC Sciences grandly declares it has finished the website upgrade after a long preparation and testing period. All changes are made for the sole purpose of offering a user-friendly platform assembling pharmaceutical professionals to outsource cost-effective materials.

New York, USA – August 9, 2022 – BOC Sciences has been well known as an expert in the field of biotech and chemistry, with numerous products and services contributing to academia, pharmaceuticals, biotech, material sciences, and agriculture industry. However, some of its invisible efforts to improve customer experience are rarely known by the industry.

As a global enterprise, BOC Sciences heavily depends on its website bocsci.com, the online window, to showcase its abilities and connect with customers. Therefore, BOC Sciences has made much account of website maintenance and optimization since its inception.

The July upgrade mainly involves the following aspects:

1. Customer Reviews and Q&As

To get a deep understanding of customers’ opinions about products and services, BOC Sciences opens up the Review session where customers’ comments and advice are welcome. Its support staff will regularly collect the valued feedback for the R&D team as well as the executives. And then the improvement work is to be done accordingly. Meanwhile, clients holding any doubts can seek help from the Q&A session. Just write down the questions and wait for a swift response from the expert team.

2. Visual Optimization

The BOC Sciences homepage is set with pictures of its daily scenes: interior of the laboratory, experiment process, equipment, technicians, chemical structural formula of some featured products… All these image elements construct a more tangible entity for the customer.

3. Clear and Concise Layout

The new version has a clearer and more concise layout that organizes BOC Sciences business in 5 modules: COVID-19 Related Products, Signaling Pathway, Products, Services, and CDMO. In view of the unrivaled position of chemical & biochemical products and services at BOC Sciences, the two modules are given extra space on the homepage. Customers can browse the product range and search for technical support with just one click and one second. It’s also recommended to directly search the target CAS/Name in the search bar, located on the top.

Additionally, some featured products that are either popular or critical in the current market are placed in the “Recommended Products” session while some highlighted services are listed on the bottom “Explore Our Services”. This setup works in the most intuitive manner to display its features and highlights which quickly draws an outline of the company for visitors.

4. Adaptive to Most Devices

Netizens are showing increasing favoritism towards mobile devices. Therefore, BOC Sciences attaches equal importance to improving mobile usability this time. Besides, a brand new app can be accessed from Google Play or APP Store, offering more options for customers.

With the meticulous design, the new version makes it convenient for visitors to read every page smoothly and unhinderedly on almost all popular electronic devices, which means at any time and any occasion, with a smartphone in hand, the customers can get professional support, immediately.

The new website with a completely fresh appearance, intuitive layout, and mobile friendliness represent BOC Sciences’ resolution to create the best chemical solutions for partners. All changes are made from the customers’ perspective and for better experience.


BOC Sciences, the world leading chemical manufacturer, has globally distributed offices, labs, and plants to serve extensive industries. Its speciality ranges from chemistry, life science, and drug discovery. The online platform bocsci.com has undergone upgrades for several rounds, aiming at providing a pleasant purchasing experience for customers.

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