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Shashank Agarwal shares his incredible journey against his Nemesis.

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Shashank Agarwal shares his incredible journey against his Nemesis.

July 28
04:08 2022
Shashank Agarwal is an emerging entrepreneur who has expanded his entrepreneurial goals by building an automated tech business. Recently, he shared his incredible transformation journey and how to combat the unwinnable battles.

Shashank Agarwal is a rising entrepreneur who has not only built a ripped body but also created and sold two software businesses in last 11 months. He has transformed himself from his current situation into one in which he is in a desirable place. The journey required taking active steps and making good choices in the right direction. In this sense, it’s good to emulate and follow in the footsteps of someone sharing their personal transformation story.


Before and After transformation photos

Elaborating on how he embarked on his fitness and entrepreneurship journey, Shashank reveals that he initially started his transformation in March 2021, but significant events led him to be less focused. He says, 

“Sometime in the middle of September 2021, something happened. Something personal that deeply hurt me, and I wanted to make sure that something similar never happens again.” 

So, he made up his mind and started working on his fitness. Mr Agarwal explains that his entrepreneurial goal was to build a very niche automated tech business, using his software engineering skills to support his passive income. He adds, 

“My passive income today is almost half of my active income from my job. It’s unreal how much impact small steps can have in life.” 

On the fitness side, he explains his main goal was to do body re-composition—to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously.

The only way people can lose weight is by being in a caloric deficit—which means eating fewer calories than their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)—and by burning calories through highly intense workouts; focusing on diet and exercise is a must. Based on his experience, Mr Agarwal strongly suggests the following for beginners looking to get a more aesthetic physique: 

  • To lose fat, make sure the diets put people in calorific deficit, but also make sure their protein intake is sufficient (around 0.7 g–1 g per lb. of your bodyweight) to avoid losing any muscle mass.

  • Cardio is optional for optimal fat loss, but weight training is a must. Heavy weight training prevents muscle loss on a calorie deficit diet. 

  • Try to hit the gym at least four times a week, focusing on compound lifts namely the deadlift, squat, and bench press. 

  • Make sure to eat a nutritious diet and limit carbohydrate intake to a minimum. Practice Intermittent Fasting as that can support quicker fat loss and help optimize blood sugar levels.

  • Be consistent, and don’t lose hope. It is a long and slow process, but so is anything worthwhile in life.

Entrepreneurship can be a challenging and long journey for many people. Some get lucky and succeed the first time, but not even a lifetime is enough for others. Shashank explains that his goal was not to start a giant unicorn but a lifestyle business that could help support his crypto investments. He says, 

“Reading online and talking with multiple successful entrepreneurs, I realized that I didn’t want to go towards creation of the traditional big business route, but instead wished to create something small and niche which I could easily sell in the future.”

According to him, lifestyle businesses are the best as not only do they offer freedom, but it is something anyone can create and do as a side vocation. He adds, “It’s like entering a blue ocean, rather than the red ocean representing the pursual of a big business idea.”

To create lifestyle business side vocations, he highlights that people first need to focus on creating a very niche, scalable, and automated business that would primarily be run end-to-end by themselves. It is mostly software product businesses in this category, so creating something similar would be easiest. Secondly, Shashank Agarwal recommends that new entrepreneurs learn full stack development skills such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc., along with product and business sense. Finally, focus more on implementation and testing things out. He says people shouldn’t let failure discourage them—and to remember that today’s losers could be the legends of tomorrow.

In only less than a year, Shashank Agarwal achieved his goals remarkably. Interested audience can follow his journey on his Instagram account @expandingourselves and connect with him via his website: https://expandingourselves.com/.

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