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Hepatic Cirrhosis Market Is Expected To Grow During the Forecast Period (2019-2032), DelveInsight

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Hepatic Cirrhosis Market Is Expected To Grow During the Forecast Period (2019-2032), DelveInsight

June 20
20:00 2022
Hepatic Cirrhosis Market Is Expected To Grow During the Forecast Period (2019-2032), DelveInsight

DelveInsight’s “Hepatic Cirrhosis Market Insights, Epidemiology, and Market Forecast-2032″ report delivers an in-depth understanding of the Hepatic Cirrhosis, historical and forecasted epidemiology as well as the Hepatic Cirrhosis market trends in the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and United Kingdom) and Japan.


The Hepatic Cirrhosis market report provides current treatment practices, emerging drugs, Hepatic Cirrhosis market share of the individual therapies, and current and forecasted Hepatic Cirrhosis market Size from 2019 to 2032 segmented by seven major markets. The Report also covers current Hepatic Cirrhosis treatment practice/algorithm, market drivers, market barriers and unmet medical needs to curate the best of the opportunities and assesses the underlying potential of the Hepatic Cirrhosis market.


Hepatic Cirrhosis: An Overview

Hepatic Cirrhosis is a late-stage liver disease in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue and the liver is permanently damaged. In the developed world, the most common causes of cirrhosis are hepatitis C virus (HCV), alcoholic liver disease, and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), while hepatitis B virus (HBV) and HCV are the most common causes in the developing world. Other causes of cirrhosis include autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, hemochromatosis, Wilson disease, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, Budd-Chiari syndrome, drug-induced liver cirrhosis, and chronic right-sided heart failure.


Download a sample copy of the market report- https://www.delveinsight.com/sample-request/hepatic-cirrhosis-market


Key highlights of the Hepatic Cirrhosis Market Report

  • According to a study by Scaglione et al. (2015), the prevalence of cirrhosis in the United States was approximately 0.27%, corresponding to 633,323 adults over the age of 18.
  • According to Scaglione et al. (2015), males are more affected with Hepatic Cirrhosis than females.
  • According to a study by Stroffolini et al. (2004), in Italy 72.1% cirrhosis was associated with chronic infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV), and in 47.7% of the patients this was the only pathogenic factor.
  • According to Hsiang et al. (2019), the common primary aetiologies for liver cirrhosis were chronic hepatitis B cirrhosis (37.3%), alcoholic liver disease cirrhosis (24.1%), chronic hepatitis C cirrhosis (22.3%) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease cirrhosis (16.4%).


Hepatic Cirrhosis Market

The Hepatic Cirrhosis market size is anticipated to increase during the study period owing to the increasing incident population and rising awareness of the Hepatic Cirrhosis Market in the 7MM. The expected launch of emerging therapies and the research and development activities of pharmaceutical companies will also fuel the market growth during the forecast period.

The market outlook section of the report helps to build a detailed comprehension of the historic, current, and forecasted Hepatic Cirrhosis Market size by analyzing the impact of current and emerging therapies in the market. It also provides a detailed assessment of the market drivers & barriers, unmet needs, and emerging technologies.

The report gives a thorough detail of the Hepatic Cirrhosis Market trend for each marketed drug and late-stage pipeline therapies by evaluating their impact based on the annual cost of therapy, inclusion and exclusion criteria, mechanism of action (MoA), competition with other therapies, brand value, their impact on the market and view of the key opinion leaders.


Hepatic Cirrhosis Treatment Market

Treatment strategies in cirrhosis may vary depending on the disease stage as well as the underlying etiology. Broadly, the goals of treatment for compensated cirrhosis are to slow, halt or reverse progression of fibrosis and prevent decompensation events, whereas for decompensated cirrhosis, the focus is on preventing further decompensation and death (e.g., by improving liver function) and treating complications related to portal hypertension. Importantly, any treatment strategy in cirrhotic patients should not increase the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and, consistent with the FDA guidance, should ultimately improve how a patient ‘feels, functions or survives.


Hepatic Cirrhosis Market Insights

In the 7MM, the United States is expected to account for the largest share of the global market due to favorable reimbursement scenario, increase in R&D investments in pharmaceutical companies & research institutes for new drug development, and the presence of major players in the region.


Hepatic Cirrhosis Emerging Therapies

  • Terlipressin (Mallinckrodt)
  • Belapectin (Galectin Therapeutics), and several others


Request a sample copy of the market report- https://www.delveinsight.com/sample-request/hepatic-cirrhosis-market


Table of Content

1. Key Insights

2. Executive Summary of Hepatic Cirrhosis

3. Competitive Intelligence Analysis for Hepatic Cirrhosis

4. Hepatic Cirrhosis: Market Overview at a Glance

5. Hepatic Cirrhosis: Disease Background and Overview

6. Patient Journey

7. Hepatic Cirrhosis Epidemiology and Patient Population

8. Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices

9. Hepatic Cirrhosis Unmet Needs

10. Key Endpoints of Hepatic Cirrhosis Treatment

11. Hepatic Cirrhosis Marketed Products

12. Hepatic Cirrhosis Emerging Therapies

13. Hepatic Cirrhosis: Seven Major Market Analysis

14. Attribute analysis

15. 7MM: Market Outlook

16. Access and Reimbursement Overview of Hepatic Cirrhosis

17. KOL Views

18. Market Drivers

19. Market Barriers

20. Appendix

21. DelveInsight Capabilities

22. Disclaimer

23. About DelveInsight


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