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Beijing Shangrong Technology’s new product Cover Cat, is about to land on the NASDAQ screen

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Beijing Shangrong Technology’s new product Cover Cat, is about to land on the NASDAQ screen

June 08
21:12 2022

On May 20, 2022 (CST), the new product Cover Cat of Beijing Shangrong Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shangrong Technology”) will soon land in Times Square to light up the NASDAQ giant screen with the image of “cute pet”.

Cover Cat is a PFP avatar copyright initiated by Cover Cat Club, covering 10000 unique avatars. It is an image IP digital collection cast with ERC721 standard and randomly generated by algorithm. It is inspired by the facial expression package of the cat covering its mouth distributed by users, taking the ordinary actions of cats in life as the prototype, using the figurative and anthropomorphic modeling mode to integrate the gentle, naughty, lovely and other personality characteristics of cats into the design. Through various wild ideas and digital art, it shows their own way of life and curious exploration of the unknown, and records every ordinary and extraordinary moment. 

It is reported that Cover Cat will be launched on time on the “P·UNIVERSE” (Parallel Universe) digital e-commerce platform. At that time, every holding user will have the copyright of the image. Cover cat digital collection is divided into Cover Cat main image and special collection. The special collection will be continuously sent by the project party to combine with the main image and upgrade its fine, 3D and dynamic collection display state. 

As a newly developed digital collection e-commerce App platform developed by Shangrong Technology, “P·UNIVERSE” is the first domestic digital collection e-commerce platform that applies cross-chain technology and multi-sensor interaction patent technology in China, and is an innovative application of blockchain traceability technology in the field of intellectual property rights. “P·UNIVERSE digital collection” takes the social platform as the core concept, creates the digital world of young people, focuses on the secondary creation of traditional IP, the digital image of stars and entertainers, digital right verification of fashionable games and fashionable items, and other fields related to young people. We  strive to maximize the advantages and value of digital collections, we are committed to building the national and even the world’s first-class compliant digital cultural infrastructure to seek better services and experience for young artists and digital collectors.  

As a domestic technology company specializing in the digitization of the youth trend industry, Shangrong Technology has independently developed Shangrong Chain, which is based on ChainMaker’s alliance chain BAAS. Meanwhile, it maintains cooperation with leading enterprises in data storage. All data are stored on the chain with unique HASH. In the future, the underlying technology will also be used to open up multi-chain bookkeeping to realize platform cross-chain. Subsequent cross-chain collections will also have special labels.

Mr. Liu Hongji, the founder of Shangrong Technology and The founder of P·UNIVERSE APP, was awarded as one of China’s emerging economic figures in 2019 by “China Economy and Trade”, also selected in the list of “2021 hurun U30 Chinese business leaders”. In the era when “Generation Z” is the main force of consumption, he and his post-95 core team not only have a unique market sense and original product development concept, but also can accurately grasp the consumption needs of young groups and create the products that belong to the young mainstream group and empower everyone to be a creator and owner of digital collections.

Mr. Liu Hongji said that Cover Cat was able to land on NASDAQ not only because of its underlying blockchain technology and professional core R & D team, but also because of the support of the first Cover Cat owners. In the future, “P·UNIVERSE Collection” of Shangrong Technology will bring you more excellent digital collections.

It is understood that the Times Square in New York, USA, is a world-famous landmark, among which the NASDAQ semi-cylindrical giant screen is one of the most eye-catching landmark buildings and has always been the show field of the world’s top outstanding companies. In recent years, China’s outstanding enterprises have been invited to appear on the giant screen of NASDAQ to convey the voice of China’s outstanding brands to the world. Now, the product video of Shangrong Technology’s Cover Cat will be broadcast on the giant screen of NASDAQ, inviting the world to witness the strength of Shangrong Technology.

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