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Bit Universe Global Exchange, giving the opportunity to create a quality digital asset investment

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Bit Universe Global Exchange, giving the opportunity to create a quality digital asset investment

April 26
02:20 2022

Bit Universe Global Exchange, the most advanced and innovative digital asset exchange serving professional trading users around the world, is dedicated to providing global clients with the opportunity to discover and create quality digital asset investments, and currently offers trading and investment services in almost every digital asset class on the market today. In order to implement the latest decentralised technology to strengthen its global competitiveness and influence, Bit Universe Global has invested heavily in bringing in a large number of international talents to its global footprint, forming a team of professionals from the world’s technology pyramid, and now provides quality services to millions of users in over 70 countries. We have independent trading operations and operational centres in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and many other countries. Bit Universe Global is a global leader in contracts, cryptocurrency trading, options management and coin subscription systems. With MSB financial licenses in the US and Canada, Bit Universe Global is committed to providing better services to its clients, with a focus on POS mining and 1,000x leverage to provide virtual currency trading services to users worldwide.


The platform coin will set sail in May BUNI thousandfold, rising with the development of the Bit Universe Global exchange. the BIT UNI exchange, as the world’s leading exchange, will launch the world’s leading pos pledge mining system, eth2.0 official pos mode launch. In the near future, the Bit Universe Global exchange, will develop its own public chain, with BUNI tokens as a necessity for the public chain, and a promising future. the Bit Universe Global exchange will conduct a private placement in the form of 1BUNI=0.1USDT, with a limit of 10,000USDT per person. in May, it will be publicly traded, with a bottom of ten times and a hundred times The voyage is on.

Bit Universe Global exchange POS mining is fully known as Proof of Stake, proof of stake. Interest is paid to customers based on the amount and time of currency held. In the proof of stake POS model, each coin generates 1 coin age per day and interest is good on the coins held.

The idea for POS came from thinking about the bitcoin crisis, where bitcoin block production halves every 4 years. In the near future, as bitcoin blocks contain less and less production, everyone’s incentive to mine will continue to decline, the number of miners will get smaller and smaller, and the entire bitcoin network is likely to gradually go down. And as everyone spends less time running bitcoin clients, it will become increasingly difficult to find a P2P node to connect and synchronise network data.


In the POS system, the only way to discover POS blocks and earn interest is to open the wallet client program, which prompts many people who don’t want to mine to open their wallet clients as often as they want, which helps the robustness of the P2P currency network.

Secondly, in a few years, as the number of miners declines, there is a high probability that Bitcoin will be subject to a 51% attack by some person, or team, or mining pool with high counting power, causing the entire Bitcoin network to collapse. a 51% attack simply means that when you have more than 51% of the world’s Bitcoin counting power, you will be able to fake any data on the Bitcoin network, e.g. you fake that you have a million Bitcoins but you actually don’t have any.

And in the POS system, even if you have 51% of the world’s computing power, you may not be able to conduct a 51% attack because, instead of mining the currency, a portion of it is generated by interest, which requires the attacker to also hold more than 51% of the world’s currency volume. This greatly increases the difficulty of a 51% attack.

Finally, while we know that Bitcoin is a system that will never be inflationary because his total amount of money appears to be fixed on the surface, did you know that Bitcoin is actually a deflationary system. Because, when we reinstall our system, or forget our wallet key, we will never be able to get our wallet money back, which means that every year, some bitcoins will be locked up forever with the loss of the wallet, creating a substantial deflation, and perhaps in fifty years, there will be only ten million valid bitcoins, left. POS, on the other hand, offers a certain annual interest rate to ensure that it is neither inflationary nor deflationary as much as possible.


In conclusion, the Bit Universe Global exchange has tremendous advantages, building a strong stablecoin ecosystem, a complete structure consisting of stablecoin trading, payments and remittances, becoming an integral part of a global club of high quality stablecoins that will utilize the latest decentralized technology, enabling all individuals within the exchange to build a trading marketplace by building directly on the blockchain, with users will be able to master not only their private keys but also their account funds, with greater security guaranteed.

The Bit Universe Global Exchange allows every member of the financial investment community to enjoy the advances brought about by technology, and every customer can complete every financial investment transaction efficiently and securely through the Bit Universe Global Exchange. The Bit Universe Global Exchange is also a platform for industry chain organizations to expand their customer base by conducting various types of business on the exchange. Within the exchange, users will receive coin purchases, option contract transactions will be stored in the liquidity pool to make a market, purchase stable to enjoy the dealer’s commission dividends, high dump low suction quantitative income, coin liquidity value-added income, wave field value-added income, liquidity mining five major income, coin price down, anti-risk strong, coin price up, earn wave field a big guarantee, will create a quality digital asset investment for you. The opportunity to invest in digital assets.


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