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The Launch Of Freebeat Lit Bike Elevated At-home Workouts

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The Launch Of Freebeat Lit Bike Elevated At-home Workouts

January 28
03:32 2022
Freebeat, a rising star of the connected fitness industry revolutionized the indoor cycling game.

New York City, NY – Jan 27, 2022 – Freebeat, a successful start-up in the connected fitness industry, has just launched its new indoor cycling bike model, “Lit Bike”, with the intention of creating a one-of-a-kind gamified studio cycling + strength training hub for everyone at home with access to unlimited on-demand classes led by their rockstar instructors. This innovation has sparked a revolution in the fitness industry, and people are already coming forward to make their orders. The new design, production technologies development, and quality control were all accounted for in the pioneering of freebeat Lit Bike.

“We’re very excited to release the Lit Bike to the public,” said freebeat CEO. “We believe it will revolutionize the way people workout in the comfort of their own homes without burdening their wallets.”

Freebeat has gained an edge with the launch of freebeat xbike last year and its success has surprised many in the industry. Lit Bike’s latest features are incredible and inspire everyone with their senses to enter an “oasis” and stress-free zone that is different from other bikes on the market.

(freebeat Lit Bike)

Auto Resistance System

This new feature offers 100 resistance levels with the option of automatic resistance, which automatically connects instructions from the user’s on-demand classes and adjusts the resistance based on the instructor’s cue. Manual electromagnetic resistance is also available.

Smart Saddle Detection+

Thanks to the unique sensor technology, Lit Bike takes gamified workouts to the next level by detecting users’ form of riding. The vertical and horizontal seat adjustment with saddle sensors improves the overall gamified workouts by encouraging users to ride out of the saddle to gain more points.

Premium Swiss Design

Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the unique wooden flywheel and bike mechanics were built to look clean and elegant. Factors such as aesthetics, durability, stability, safety, resistance, and transparency were seriously taken into account in the design and manufacture.

Virtual Oasis Experience

The idea of a leaderboard to train with community members has been going through people’s minds in the industry for some time, but freebeat has made it a reality. The gamification feature allows users to build a rhythmic flow and follow the beat to compete against friends and family. In addition, the vibe-synced special effects are designed for users to enjoy a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes workout each day with freebeat’s world-class instructors in a virtual oasis created just for you – to let go of all your worries and feel empowered.

The freebeat Lit Bike is equipped with a rotatable HD 22” touchscreen designed to seamlessly transition from cycling to strength training. Also, it offers hundreds of on-demand classes with just one membership, and the all-access freebeat membership provides household access of up to 10 accounts.

Freebeat Lit Bike is more affordable than its competitors, and the quality is above industry standards while making the at-home gym come true. Furthermore, freebeat offers a 12-month warranty, a 45-day free membership ($59 value), and the Lit Bike can be ordered on its website for $1,799, but with a Special Launch Deal, the Lit Bike is only available for a limited time for $1,299. Its amazingly affordable price and ability to engage with the instructor’s fitness knowledge, personality, and upbeat playlists allow users to pedal to the curated music and feel refreshed and accomplished.

About freebeat

Freebeat’s mission is to create an oasis where its members can ride for an average of 12 hours each month with confidence, courage, and strength. The founding team is a group of qualified, competent, and passionate professionals whose clear priorities bring a healthier lifestyle to everyone worldwide. They come from various expertise across global companies, including Bridgewater, Apple, Microsoft, NBA, Esquire, Soulcycle, Diesel, G-Star RAW, and Macquarie Group. Prior to their career paths, the founding team received educations from the world’s top schools, including Stanford, Williams College, UPenn, Washington University in St.Louis, UC Berkeley, and the University of Toronto.

Instagram: @freebeatfit

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