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Fearless Rapper G SHOOZ is Winning Hearts around the World with His Music

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Fearless Rapper G SHOOZ is Winning Hearts around the World with His Music

November 02
12:24 2021
Fearless Rapper G SHOOZ is Winning Hearts around the World with His Music

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA – G Shooz aka The Eye of Freedom has just released the most controversial music video of all time titled: Covid World Order, becoming the first recording artist to amplify the fact that we are being led into a Tyrannical Global Totalitarian Governance or “New World Order” as a planned reaction to the current Pandemic and other World crises. Discussing matters such as vaccine mandates, face masks, elections, lockdowns, riots, effects on children, corrupt law enforcement and politicians, the “War on Terror”, endless wars, civil liberties being violated etc.


In his one of a kind insightfully-mind expanding, authoritarian questioning, and unapologetic Magnum Opus he literally tells all and takes no prisoners, or does he (see ending). Similar to his last Music video/Single: 10 Thousand Voices G Shooz is turning this concept Covid World Order into a break-through documentary to follow up the music video, in which he is documenting a holistic discussion between a panel of experts and a crowd of informed individuals in an unprecedented public think-tank and symposium.

Dedicating his popular tracks to his fans, G Shooz said, “I would like to thank my fans and well-wishers for all the appreciation and love my songs have received. The support truly means the world to me. Music is my life and I put my heart and soul in every song I create.”

G Shooz works hard to ensure musical delight on all his projects and this reflects in his music. All the songs he has produced so far have become popular with the youth across the globe. The songs show his diversity and versatility as an artist, being one of the few artists to switch up cadences and flow seamlessly, and to truly push the envelope. This is the kind of music that is truly authentic & timeless. His music has memorable riffs, deep lyrics and outstanding beats to go along with catchy melodies. He has the ability to weave magic with his voice and music that can touch the depths of one’s soul.

“It was not easy for a new artist to come this far. It was challenging, but I was determined not to give up. I had complete faith in my music and my talent,” notes G Shooz. “I knew I just had to work hard, produce great music and share it with the world. And it worked, slowly and steadily. My music was getting recognized. I received a lot of positive feedback, which encouraged me to keep producing good tracks.”

About G Shooz

G Shooz is a rapper, singer, and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Taking inspiration from musicians of past and present his music is reflective of his life experiences delivered with a powerful voice that comes from the soul.

For booking information, features and other inquires, send an email or reach out via the website.

Music Video Link: https://bit.ly/3jywuRA

Spotify link: https://spoti.fi/2Xf2sud

Itunes Link: https://apple.co/3z4C3Mk

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