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Payiza is changing online payments industry using Blockchain: Bibin Babu, Co-Founder

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Payiza is changing online payments industry using Blockchain: Bibin Babu, Co-Founder

July 06
04:09 2021
Payiza is changing online payments industry using Blockchain: Bibin Babu, Co-Founder

It’s 2021 and the world has started to primarily focus towards all things digital for some time now. Post COVID situation has forced us to get into perspective, that we must adapt to digital technology as soon as possible. This adaptation happened almost instantly with the lockdown coming into effect, especially for digital payments in India.

Payiza: Future Technology for all your online payments needs

Payiza is a multi-currency platform, with more than 100 cryptocurrencies available along with support for 85 currencies, that enables all modes of digital payments, all transactions that take place via digital or online modes, with no physical exchange of money involved. Which allows both parties, the payer and the payee, to use electronic mediums to exchange money, in any part of the world.

With Payiza’s technology existing systems can accept payments from all countries across the globe at lower fees than traditional credit card payment systems.

Key functions include 

  • Receiving  and processing various cryptocurrency payments
  • Connect the transaction systems with e-commerce solutions
  • Safely stock-pile your cryptocurrencies
  • Converting Cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies, Vice versa
  • Encrypting the transaction information by utilizing blockchain technology

How is it transforming the payment industry

With the blockchain technology we make the entire process of payment effortless, by eliminating intermediaries, maintaining transparency, processing safe and quick Cross-Border Payments and Automation using smart contracts. “With Payiza we are enabling global citizenship to be a reality in the payments space, any body can pay anywhere in the world instantly.” – says Bibin.

How safe and secure is it?

One of the most significant benefits of choosing Payiza is the high-level transparency it offers. Details of all transactions that take place via a blockchain network are:

Stored in the blockchain, immutable, visible to everyone. “For us the security of users’ digital assets is the priority, hence we did dedicated research for over 2 years before launching Payiza on android and iOS platforms.” – says Mo Akram, CTO of Payiza.

Customer base 

We are based at various hotspot locations of the world such as India, Australia, United Kingdom and Middle East, and are soon to expand their business worldwide to serve all your digital payment needs.

Investors and Partners

Having the best industry experts on board with to support this initiative, sharing the same motives and mission, that is, to make online payments for all businesses and individuals across the globe, fast and effortless.

Payiza has investors from the UK, India and the Middle East, who are helping it scale globally.

Creators of Payiza

Two great minds Bibin Babu and Mo Akram are behind the innovation of this extraordinary digital platform. Bibin Babu is the Co-Founder & CEO of World’s 1st blockchain based currency agnostic payments platform Payiza, whereas Mo Akram is the CTO and Co-Founder.

Bibin Babu is one of the young serial entrepreneurs of India. With the incredible capability to turn his ideas into emerging business, Bibin has succeeded in creating profitable digital platforms, which are highly revenue and employment creating.

Bibin’s never ending curiosity in the technology sector has pushed him in supporting and investing in technology and innovative projects across various countries and investing in startups with special interest in Blockchain, E-Governance, Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

Payiza’s founders are constantly working and travelling overseas to help you make all your online transactions, hassle free, currently available in Australia, Africa and India, soon to launch in UAE and USA, our Payiza team is expanding.

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