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Top Reasons to Buy eMeet M2 Max Speakerphone

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Top Reasons to Buy eMeet M2 Max Speakerphone

February 09
22:25 2021

Amidst COVID-19, eMeet M2 Max Speakerphone is here to entertain people’s professional life. eMeet has announced the launch of the M2 Max Speakerphone with the latest trending technologies for an improved performance. The eMeet M2 Max ships with stunning voice pickup capabilities coupled with outstanding sound quality for business meetings. The M2 Max will compete with the likes of YVC330, Jabra810 and Jabra750 speakerphones. In this article, we will examine top reasons to buy eMeet M2 Max speakerphone.

Professional Speakerphone

eMeet M2 Max provides support for Bluetooth, USB, Dongle, Cascade and Aux connectivity. Moreover, the speakerphone is designed to work with 10 to 15 attendees. The four Ø10 directional microphones enable users to record volume changes and voice fluctuations effectively with a maximum sampling rate of 48KHz/16bit. The data transmission happens vividly coupled with a strong dynamic voice. The M2 Max works in tandem with another unit of the same speaker with the help of a daisy chain cable. The product has been upgraded with professional microphones, loud speaker and earphones.

Ø10 Directional Microphones & 5W Loud Speaker

The four Ø10 Directional Microphones included with the eMeet M2 Max speakerphone carries voiceIA algorithm technology. This will eliminate common office noises such as mouse clicks, typing and much more. The 5W speaker enable users not only to listen to voices loudly without any distortion but also ensure private phone call experience.

Daisy Chain

eMeet M2 Max provides an ability to establish connectivity between multiple speakerphones via a dedicated Daisy Chain cable. It will also help in increasing the attendee count to maximum of 20, which will be useful for video conferencing across teams.

Multiple Connectivity

eMeet M2 Max provides support for USB, Bluetooth, AUX and Dongle connections. The USB connectivity enable users to switch on the speaker automatically without hand touch. The speaker is also compatible with a wide range of platforms such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Goto Meeting, FaceTime and Google Hangout including Windows versions.

Enhanced Noise Cancellation

The main highlight of the eMeet M2 Max is the addition of voiceIA technology paired with rubber vibration insulator. The speaker and microphones will not touch the housing in three levels, which enhances the voice quality. The specific standby time can be configured easily to enable speakerphone to switch off automatically.

Improved Battery

The integration of a powerful 2600mAh battery in M2 Max speakerphone boosts the working time. There will be no need to charge the unit regularly. Moreover, the working life of the M2 Max has been increased to 12 hours from 8 hours as with the previous counterpart.


Nowadays, professionals and enterprise companies depend upon video conferencing tool to interact with each other because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s vital to invest for quality products like eMeet M2 Max for effective communication without interruption. The improved microphones, sound system, enhanced backup alongside advanced noise cancellation technologies will go a long way to improve business communication.

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