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Everything Need to Know About the Arboleaf Smart Scale

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Everything Need to Know About the Arboleaf Smart Scale

November 20
03:45 2020

A valuable tool for every bathroom is Arboleaf Digital smart scale. Try to lose weight, develop muscle or keep the body composition. An intelligent scale can make measuring improvements over time simple, and if appropriate, adjust one’s diet and exercise.

If compared with other health trackers, Arboleaf smart scale is much better. Although many companies manufacture exercise trackers and produce grand scale, it is sufficiently light to transfer it around one’s bathroom and synchronize all data directly with the software called Health Mat that can find on iOS and Android.

For starters, it can track weight, but it also follows the BMI and body structure. It means that one can get a sense of how much of the body’s water, tissue, and muscle are. This device is something people won’t get with a set of smart scales, and a must-have measure if one’s trying to bulk up some strength rather than just lower weight.


The Arboleaf has an elegant style of white glass that, in most bathrooms it looks perfect. It has four metal pads and a monitor on the top, and four skid-free places on the field. It is powered by four 4 AAA batteries, even in the case, which is a more costly rechargeable smart scale. Arboleaf also provides a comprehensive user manual that guides through the configuration process.

After the batteries have been inserted, it is ready to use the Arboleaf smartphone app (available with Android and iOS), much like a digital standard weight scale. Still, it needs to attach it with all its functionality, including monitoring the background of weight.

Syncs with FITNESS APP

This interactive body scale will feed data on the preferred fitness app, like APPLE Wellness, GOOGLE FIT, FITBIT APP-already used in millions of users with satisfaction-with an easy-to-use smart app and enabled by Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 / IOS 8.0 or higher.

Setup and Operation

The Bluetooth configuration is complete until the Arboleaf software has been enabled, and a smartphone is combined. One can also programmed the system to function using wi-fi to prevent opening the Arboleaf programme any time to weigh.

Move on it with both feet’ heels and toes, hitting the metal pads to enable the scale. It needs to be bare and dry for feet.

Every day measure and note that continuity is the secret. When one day finish a cup of coffee, but not the next day, so the outcomes are different.

Although current levels are not harmful in general, bioelectric impedances can be avoided for those pregnant or using internal medical equipment such as pacemakers.


The device measures the weight in either kilograms, pounds, or stones.

Using the Arboleaf

When about to use the scale, start clicking it on and then calibrating it. No more tapping to activate plates’ digital weight! Auto-connection, auto-recognition, auto ON/OFF, auto-zero, auto-calibration, low battery & overload indication. Just a simple, clear step towards a healthier lifestyle. When there is the 00 on the screen scale, take the figures backwards. The scale can transfer the data to the App through Bluetooth when having the Arboleaf application open. It will transmit data via wi-fi if the software is unavailable.

Includes the body fats, body water, skeletal muscle, BMI, body mass and BMR (bases metabolized rate or minimum energy available in an inactive state). The scale’s weight indicates many other measures, one by one.

The Arboleaf app brings measurements into context. For a graph that displays the place one fell into, just click on each one. E.g., it will tell whether one is underweight, average, unhealthy weight, or obese for body weight and BMI. It shows how much pounds one can lose to reach the usual range.

Body Composition

The Main Body Composition – this weight scale will provide ten critical body compositions, including weight, body fat percent, body shape, visceral fat, percent body water, muscle weight, bone mass, BMR, BIM, metabolism. A straightforward pattern graph can track one’s progress easily and remain inspired by only one easy digital weight move on one’s fitness journey.

Precautions for Protection

Much like any other rival devices, the Arboleaf Smart Exercise Scale determines the body fat percentage using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA). The current travels fast through tissues storing many fluids and electrolytes such as muscle and blood and is immune to fat or impedance. The scale tests the body fat impedance.

Arboleaf Sharing

Arboleaf claims up to unlimited users can intelligently identify and automatically send data to the appropriate profile based on their measurements.

All must download the Arboleaf software and create a private account for measurements. Just need to open the app on the measurements screen when using the scale and make sure Bluetooth is allowed on the phone if shared it with others. The guarantees that the information is delivered to the account, not accidentally coordinated with another.

It also allows to add other users, useful for parents and personal trainers, to one’s account. One will access their data in the software, but it will be kept independently.


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